The american cockroach, Periplaneta americana....

The american cockroach, Periplaneta americana. Photo by Gary Alpert. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our furniture arrived on Friday. Hurrah!  And yes, just as I’m beginning to feel comfortable in our new home I have my first kitchen encounter with one of those other notorious NYC residents. Two inches of gleaming, reddish, winged, scuttling monster. I hit it so hard with a brush I broke the handle.

Frantic internet searching reveals this to be the American cockroach or ‘water bug’. Apparently it’s the largest but least pervasive of the four common New York species, preferring to terrorise alone rather than in armies of hundreds, or even thousands. Our building has an ‘exterminator’ who comes once a month to keep the water bug population down, but it’s two weeks until his next visit so I’ll be fumigating the kitchen, putting down poison wherever the dogs can’t get to, taking out the trash several times a day and bringing even less food into the apartment (difficult as there’s only a carton of milk and two boxes of cereal – but that cereal will have to go).

Any bug-busting tips greatly appreciated.


3 Responses to “Cockroach!”

  1. When my parents, my brother and I lived in Africa, the efficient way in which three cockroaches in the kitchen were exterminated was… by a vast swarm of flesh-eating soldier ants.

  2. The cockroach advice I always remember from when we lived in Cyprus was…don’t forget to shake your shoes out before you put them on! Bleurgh

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