Likes And Don’t Likes of NYC – So Far


Crazies: All the astonishing, funny, heartbreaking unique UWS characters: the homeless man who sleeps standing up hugging a parking meter; the little old lady in the pink dress and no knickers (thanks big gust of wind!); the amazonian black guy in red tartan suit, straight-up hair and patent red shoes, the lady who called my dog ‘an asshole’ – and so many more..

Zabar’s – hours of foodie fun.

NYC emergency services sirens – those whoops and peeps sound like a party coming down the street.

Central Park – a wonderland.

Yellow cabs – they so cheer up a landscape.

Subway – thundering, dark, Hades. Thrilling.

The shops downtown.

The hidden gem shops, cafes and restaurants uptown.

Being able to go out dressed like an utter tramp and no-one cares (don’t try this on the Upper East Side).

Having a doorman.

The crisp bright sunshine most of the time (this was written in summer).

Millions of people from all walks of life and parts of the world all muddling along.

Being able to have any food you want delivered – from a toasted bagel to a three-course meal.

Genuine racial integration – this is the city of rainbow families.

The colours of ‘fall’.

The gym – honestly, it’s a circus in there. I’m sure 90-year-olds shouldn’t be lifting 20lb dumbbells.

DON’T LIKES (A few minor quibbles…)

No good tea biscuits – there’s just nothing to dunk.

Nowhere to dry clothes – tumble-drying is ruinous in every way.

Rats. I see at least one every day. Sometimes moving around inside bin bags. Yuk!

Air conditioning. A necessary evil.

Sitting in the back of yellow cabs (how did all 4 SATC girls fit in there?)

Time Warner Cable customer service. Aaaaaaaaaargh!!!!!!

The way people hang up the phone without saying goodbye.

The way people engage you in conversation and then just walk away without saying goodbye.

Temperamental toilets in our apartment.


NY fussiness over forms of payment. Cashiers’ check? Faff off! Get Chip and PIN like Europe.

The Money – it’s all the same! $20 looks like $1 – I am the best and worst tipper in town.

The ban on Christmas – this year I’m celebrating ‘the holidays’. Wha-a-a-h?

Restaurant delivery boys on bikes – I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve nearly been run over by them.

Mystifyingly thin toilet paper (something to do with the bad plumbing in apartment buildings?) It’s no match for my rear end. Charmin Ultra Soft Ultra Suave is the way to go.

ATM charges: $2 to $5 every withdrawal.

The law allowing cars to turn corners while the WALK sign is on – I’m walkin’ here!’

Medical insurance – more on this elsewhere.

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