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The Nanny Tragedy

Woke up this morning to news of The Nanny Tragedy. Last night, around 5.30, a mother came home to her apartment building with her three-year-old daughter to find her two other children aged two and six dead in the bath from stab wounds, the children’s 50 year-old nanny unconscious beside them with her throat cut. […]

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I’ve Arrived – Sort Of

So. We’ve been living on the Upper West Side for ten days now and I’m writing this looking out at the view that clinched our new apartment. Here it is (left). Buildings! Buildings with hundreds of people in them living hundreds of different lives. And this view is replicated in one form or another all over […]

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Still Apartment Hunting

Wed June 5: Woke up to hear my husband enthusing to my son about the 72nd Street apartment. You’ve got to go down there this morning, he was saying, see the dog run, the park, the river, the fantastic lobby… Mum’ll take you. Trouble was, I didn’t feel the same way. I’d sat up the […]

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