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Waiting For Hurricane Sandy

In a couple of days the Eastern Seaboard will be hit by the most devastating storm in US history or, it won’t. Meteorologists are predicting a ‘Frankenstorm’ as Hurricane Sandy – currently barrelling up the Atlantic from the Caribbean – converges with two winter weather systems to bring winds gusting at around 75 mph, torrential rain […]

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The Nanny Tragedy

Woke up this morning to news of The Nanny Tragedy. Last night, around 5.30, a mother came home to her apartment building with her three-year-old daughter to find her two other children aged two and six dead in the bath from stab wounds, the children’s 50 year-old nanny unconscious beside them with her throat cut. […]

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Dog-Walking In Central Park

Central Park has the most draconian set of by-laws in the world. There are huge swathes of fenced-off precious green space accessible only to park workers, there are fields given over solely to certain types of sporting activity and there are a great many ‘Passive Lawns’ where everything except sitting down and keeping quiet is […]

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